Suck It GOP: McDonald’s Is Seeing Increased Profits After Paying Workers A Higher Wage 

A living wage is as much a terrifying scenario to Republicans as a happy and well-adjusted gay couple. They need the working poor to remain poor so as to have a convenient scapegoat. Donald Trump, for example, believes our a pathetic federal minimum wage is too high. Luckily he’s a complete and utter jacka$$, and nobody with more than two brain cells listens to a thing he says.

Despite conservative claims that raising the minimum wage will  crush the world economy as we know it (not speculative wall street trading), McDonald’s has seen positive results after raising the minimum wage for its employees. 

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The purveyor of High Fructose Corn Syrup and type-2 diabetes actually did some good when it joined a string of corporations in hiking the pay for its workers. The idea behind the wage increase was to inject some life into their fledgling bottom lines. Heck, the country of Bolivia banned all McDonald’s. But things began to pick up when they announced they would raising the minimum wage for workers at its US restaurants to $10 an hour, up from $9 an hour. Obviously, that’s still a meager offering and nothing to live on, but let’s give credit where credit’s due.

The fast food chain has made a great many changes to its everyday practices, all of which weigh largely on its employees being on board.

It has done what we expected it to—90 day turnover rates are down, our survey scores are up—we have more staff in restaurants, McDonald’s U.S. president Mike Andres told analysts at a UBS conference on Wednesday. So far we’re pleased with it—it was a significant investment obviously but it’s w working well. (Fortune)

And it looks like it’s starting to pay off as the company recently reported its first quarter of comparable sales gains in two years. Isn’t it marvelous when you heed basic economic principles of worker incentivization, completely ignoring Republican noise about tax cuts for everything under the sun (even the sun)?

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