S.F. Giants Opener Further Proof S.F. Discriminates Against The Unwealthy (IMAGES)

San Francisco has been in the news a lot lately and it’s mostly not flattering, pointing to what is really nothing more than “wealth discrimination,” or lack of income.

Whether it be raising rents by 400 percent or more, evicting people by way of arson, the churches intentionally soaking homeless people while they sleep (during the drought, no less), San Francisco has made it clear: if you don’t have lots of money, you aren’t welcome.

San Francisco only proved that once again last night as the Giants kicked off their home season. If you can’t afford to get into the park, you can see it from the streets. Local parking lots were charging, as they were last year, $100 for a parking spot. CBS got the photo, as was tweeted, below:

But that’s not much more than they were charging in the AT&T Park Lots, which range in price daily, but can reach almost $100 in their spots — which are reserved by individuals and then sold on StubHub:

parking lot A

The seats are pricey too. Actually, even watching the whole game on your feet is pricey.  Standing room only can be over $100. (Also found on StubHub.)


sro low to high


If you have ever sat in the bleachers at AT&T park, you will likely never want to do it again. They consist of rows and rows of flat benches, with no backs, and are in the full sun for the duration of day games, and often buffeted by wind in the night games. (Image via StubHub.)


center field bleachers

Then there’s something they call “View Reserve Outfield”, which most people would refer to as the “nosebleed seats”. (Image via StubHub.)

view reserve outfieldIf you actually want to be able to see the game, the big screen, and be able to get to a snack in less than 30 minutes, there is a section called the “Premium Lower Box.” (Image via StubHub.)

premium lower boxAnd if you really want to impress your friends, you can blow a wad on seats in what is referred to as “Premium Field Club.” (Image via StubHub.)

premium field club

According to the 2015 MLB Fan Cost Index, the average cost of a Major League Baseball ticket is $28.94. That’s up by 3.3 percent, which they say is the largest increase since 2009.

The average price for a family of four to purchase four “non-premium” seats, two beers, two soft drinks, four hot dogs, parking and two adult-sized hats is… $211.53.

After everything is considered, not just the cost of a baseball game, it’s clear that San Francisco has become a city that caters only to the wealthy.


Featured image courtesy of Twitter.

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