Damn You, Obama! Unemployment Down In EVERY State For The First Time In 30 Years

While the Republican party holds fast to its propaganda that President Obama has destroyed America, ruined the economy and taken away all of your rights, pesky facts keep surfacing to thwart them.

The latest is a report issued Wednesday by the Department of Labor, showing unemployment down in every state and the District of Columbia for the first time since 1984.

Thanks, Obama.

1984 was the end of Reagan’s first term, and as the country began its descent into the bowels of trickle-down economics, focus shifted from the American working class and concern for their prosperity to padding the bank accounts of the so-called job creators.

The ripple effect of deficits as the result of tax-cuts and catering to the wealthy has sent the country into an out of control spiral of income inequality and class warfare many feel we never recover from.

The unemployment rate dropping is very good news.  It shows a spike in working class involvement in the job market, kicking the economy up a notch toward real recovery.

leading the pack in unemployment decline was Illinois, down two full percentage points, followed by North Carolina, Colorado and Ohio at 1.8% drops each.

A quick scan of a few search engines shows media outlets Nationwide reporting on the BLS report, as well as dozens of positive outlook posts by liberal bloggers.

Absent from the conversation are conservative propaganda rags and right-wing bloggers.

Apparently its more important for them to report on the First Lady’s diplomatic trip to Japan, calling it a lush vacation, than it is to inform their readers of some truly good news.

Also absent from comment on the report is Fox News, whose screenwriters are most likely coming up with a reason why great news about the economy is bad for America since a black man occupies the White House.

H/T: Wall Street Journal | Image: Progressive Erupts


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