Canada May Soon Allow Citizens To Buy Weed From Their Neighborhood Pharmacy

Canada is kicking a$$ and taking names! If the recent election of Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau (or simply Prime Minister Dreamy Eyes) hasn’t finally convinced right-wingers that Canada might not be the best place for them to pretend to move to, then some of Canada’s most recent liberal measures just might. Case in point, marijuana legalization and medicinal marijuana-friendly laws.

No self-respected stoner has ever not had a vision of walking into a pharmacy to get their magic weed, but that once far-fetched dream may soon become a reality in Canada…or at least for medicinal marijuana 

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According to a report in Wednesday’s Globe and Mail, Shoppers Drug Mart, one of the largest drug retailers in Canada, is in the early stages of making deals with suppliers at distributing their marijuana-based products in the chain’s network of 1,300 stores across Canada. Shoppers spokeswoman Lana Gogas told CBC News:

We believe that dispensing medical marijuana through pharmacy, like other medications, is the safest option. Current Health Canada regulations stipulate that the only legal method to obtain medical marijuana is through a licensed producer. Therefore, pharmacies are not permitted to dispense medical marijuana at this time.

Much like in Colorado, the marijuana industry in Canada is coming alive. Although recreational marijuana is still illegal in Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau’s Minister of Justice feels that it will soon be legal. But getting back to medical marijuana, it seems Shoppers has lobbyists on the official government registry who have urged the government to reconsider the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. That’s right–Canada’s government officials work for marijuana, not lifeless corporations.

Quite serious in their efforts to make this legal,  Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne tossed around the idea of letting the province’s liquor control board, colloquially known as the LCBO, be a state-sanctioned distributor of marijuana if and when the law allows for it. The LCBO is primarily in the business of selling alcohol in the province, and Wynne touted the agency’s supply chain and security experience with making it an ideal option.

It’s safe to assume that if Trump manages to get even  more uneducated people to support his sham of a campaign, then we all might have an extra incentive to move to Canada.

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