Anti-Obamacare Plaintiff: Americans On Healthcare Subsidies Are ‘Lazy People On Welfare’

Next to Benghazi Bingo, wasting taxpayer money to destroy Obamacare has been the Republicans’ favorite game. It’s pretty much the only work they do in order to justify their continued glad-handing with their Koch Brother masters.

Just to be precise, Republicans voted a whopping 54 times to repeal Obamacare  in four years. One major benefit of Obamacare are the federal subsidies that allow low-to middle-income Americans to purchase healthcare at a reduced rate.

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However, David King, the lead Anti-Obamacare plaintiff in King vs. Burwell — the case hat may take away subsidies for millions of Americans — thinks the people using them are just “lazy people on welfare.” 

He must be working on getting his own show on Fox News with that complete and utter misinformed holy a-holishness.

Last month, details about the anti-Obamacare plaintiffs started to surface after Mother Jones and other news outlets tracked them down. Naturally, they had all been instructed not to talk to the media. Oddly enough, Brenda Levy, one of the plaintiffs, told Mother Jones she didn’t want the lawsuit to end up stripping millions of Americans of their health insurance.

Perhaps she didn’t get the memo/text/tweet/ping/smoke signal, but that is essentially what the lawsuit aims to accomplish. Better still, Pam Hurst the woman who made those comments, is on Medicare and presumable getting subsidized insurance anyway!

But, it’s David King who totally takes the cake when it comes to blatant Ayn Rand-style sociopathic a-holishnes. King, the most baracknophobic of all the plaintiffs, said that the people who would lose health insurance if he won his case were probably on welfare and “not paying for it.”

Not to bore this freedom-fighting warrior with pesky facts, but the majority of people receiving subsidies are made available to working, middle-class families.

As subsidies are based on income, anyone making less than 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) can get some type of subsidy on Marketplace plans. The lawyers taking the case were wise not to let this man go public, even if they appeared to let a woman unsure of what the hell Medicare is do so.

Another plaintiff in the department of “OMG, did they really just say that?” is Rose Luck. Luck, another ardent Obama hater, wrote on Facebook that Obama had been elected “due to a Muslim conspiracy,” according to Mother Jones. Oh no, not the radical Muslim thing again. Where’s Donald Trump with the birth certificate when you need him?

In short, it’s nice to know that the man who could be responsible for millions of Americans losing their subsidized health insurance thinks they’re all just welfare moochers anyway.

H/T: Mother Jones | Featured Image By Michael Hayne for If You Only News

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