Pharma-Bro Smirks With Contempt Through House Committee Hearing (VIDEO)

If there is one face that encapsulates the corrupt soulless greed of 21st-century capitalism run amok it’s despicable pharma-bro Martin Shkreli. Shkreli, the Gen-X degenerate that hiked up the price of life-saving medications like Daraprim by over 5000 percent, was indicted last December on multiple charges of security fraud.

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On Tuesday, the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee publicly released emails sent by Shkreli that would make Gorden Gekko look like a Tibetan Monk by comparison. In one such email, Shkreli joyfully proclaimed,

I think it will be huge. We raised the price from $1,700 per bottle to $75,000. So 5,000 paying bottles at the new price is $375,000,000 — almost all of it is profit and I think we will get 3 years of that or more. Should be a very handsome investment for all of us. Let’s all cross our fingers that the estimates are accurate,

While Shkreli’s recent arrest doesn’t seem to phase the man who has been dubbed “The most punchable face in America” his performance in front of the House Committee on Thursday is proof positive that Shkreli has no remorse or excuse for his sickening actions, as he pleaded the 5th through the whole proceeding. Question after question Shkreli stymied committee as he refused to answer on the grounds of self-incrimination.

When presented with such questions as

What do you say to that single pregnant woman who might have AIDS, no income and she needs Daraprim in order to survive?


Do you think you’ve done anything wrong?

Shkreli just grinned with contempt and refused to answer.

Following the hearing, Representative John L. Mica stated “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the committee treated with such contempt,” not surprising considering the man they are dealing with has less humanity than a medieval executioner.

But in a country where corporations care more about unscrupulously raking in outrageous profits than the health and well-being of their customers, Martin Shkreli is just one small link in the twisted moral chain that is now capitalism in America.


Video Courtesy Bernie Sanders 2016 via YouTube

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