WATCH: Media Mayhem – Cable News Gone Wild, Crashes Shooters Apartment Without FBI Permission (VIDEO)

The owner of the apartment where the alleged San Bernardino shooters lived allowed several media outlets to go rampaging through their apartment, in what can only be described as a cable news feeding frenzy.

Personal belongings of the alleged shooters were laying all around, including personally identifying material of both them and their family members.

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MSNBC held up a CA drivers license belonging to Farook’s mother without covering up sensitive information:

“We have quite a number of photographs here, but we don’t know, we don’t know if it’s [the shooter],” Kerry Sander said, as MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell commented in the studio.

Desus frames this well. The lack of etiquette or ethics was deplorable. Literally it was tabloid trash tv.

CNN went on to show material from within the home of a less personally identifiable nature, like childrens’ toys. Their own law enforcement analyst called them out on their crassness.

It went quickly downhill from there. Another woman was seen taking her child into the scene while reporters were still rummaging about inside.

And now, there is a dog too…

To say this is a breach of ethics is putting it in a very favorable light. This is downright illegal, and the people whose personal information was found and broadcasted, likely have a killer of a lawsuit waiting to happen.

You are probably wondering, “But, they said the landlord let them in. It must be ok, right?” No, it’s not ok. First off there is the fact it is still an unreleased crime scene. Second, these people are handling real evidence and possibly even invalidating its use in court because of the chain being broken on it. Then there is the live-on-cable doxxing of at least one person that happened. There is no part of this that is ok.

And then remember that landlord?

MSNBC later said it regretted showing images of personal documentation and photos on their live news broadcast.

Watch a portion of the MSNBC broadcast below:

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