WATCH FAILURE Of American Justice: Guards Who Murdered Inmate Are Allowed Bail (VIDEO)

Two of the three Santa Clara County, California officers charged with beating a mentally ill inmate to death, have posted $1.5 million bail and been released from jail.

Jereh Lubrin, 28, and Rafael Rodriguez, 27, had been held in Alameda County jail since their arrest Sept. 3 on charges they killed inmate Michael Tyree and assaulted another prisoner. Rodriguez was released late Sept. 22 or 23, his lawyer said, while Lubrin posted bail Sept. 18.

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These 3 guards carried out a premeditated gang beating that turned into a brutal agonizing murder of a mentally ill inmate and 2 were allowed bail,  when so many other people who are accused of similar crimes are denied.

Apparently prison guards are less dangerous killers.

The third guard, Matthew Farris, is still in custody pending a new bail hearing. His previous one failed when he could not arrange for 3 pieces of property owned by relatives to be put up to cover enough of the cost for his release. All signs point to him getting bail as well if he can meet the required cost.

Murder suspects are usually denied bail for the obvious reason that they took a human life. However in this case, it seems if you are a prison guard you are a part of a club that gives you special privileges. The guards’ lawyers actually requested bail as low as $100,000.

An inmate at Santa Clara county jail, Armando Galvin, says that he heard screams coming from Michael Tyree’s cell the night he died.

Watch the interview with the inmate, and his shocking details, from ABC7 News below:


 Featured Image: public record mugshots courtesy of Mercury News
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