WATCH: Boy says ‘F*ck The Police; Gets Arrested And Choked By Cop (VIDEO)

A video recorded in Boston, Mass. shows a youth shouting out “F*ck these pigs” among other verbal insults, then promptly being stalked and arrested by a cop for doing it on the grounds of “disorderly conduct”.

They were arrested even though the courts have ruled multiple times that swearing at a cop is protected free speech under the First Amendment. The incident was preceded by another cop aggressively getting in the face of civilians and counter-filming them. This was what brought on the reactions of the crowd, including the youth who was arrested, in the first place.

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After the youth was unconstitutionally arrested AND in handcuffs, the coward cop proceeded to choke him in full view of the camera.

These cops simply do not care because they are literally above the law when it comes to harassment of minorities and urban citizens. If a white girl was shouting “F*ck these pigs” and was stalked down, handcuffed, then strangled by an out of control cop, the media would be at code red. Because it was an urban youth of color, however, they simply do not care.

The Free Thought Project very aptly uses this example:

Imagine that two men are out filming in public and one man yells, “F**k you, I hate you” to the other. The man on the receiving end of the yelling has no legal basis to kidnap and choke the man for yelling at him. Had he tried to kidnap the man who yelled at him, he would have been arrested, or justifiably killed by the man he attacked.

When the cop began to strangle the illegally detained citizen, the situation escalated quickly with the crowd starting to close in and become very agitated. The man filming starts shouting for everyone to stop, before the cops start shooting and killing people. After this the man filming gets stalked by the same cop that illegally arrested the first one, harassed by him, and then eventually choked as well. This is where the video ends.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture (altered)
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