Veteran Officer To Cops: Stop Acting Like ‘Unregulated Thugs’ And You Won’t Be Filmed

Police and abuse are now as synonymous as fast food and diarrhea. A citizen kept database, for example, showed 1000 deaths at the hands of police in 2014, and 47 percent of Americans think police use excessive force on citizens. But one truly disturbing and unseemly trend is that of ridiculously unnecessary force being used by cops on minors and teenage girls. Sure, that one obstinate girl in that South Carolina classroom was a little sh*t, but she didn’t seem to be so dangerous that she needed to be thrown halfway across the room by Officer Steroid Gorilla. And who could forget officer barrel roll who slammed down that ever-so dangerous skinny black girl in a bikini at a raucous pool party? Because everyone knows bikinis are the perfect hiding place for weapons!

It seems like the police profile, is a guy who watches Jason Statham movies, thinks Chuck Norris is the greatest living actor, and listens to Ted Nugent while working out. And no, they’re clearly not all bad. That’s why it’s so very, VERY important for good police to stop protecting bad police.

We need more Serpicos and less Alonzo Harrises from Training Day.

Perhaps that’s why Lt. Andrew Hawkes, a 23 year police veteran, is speaking out. His message to police leery of being filmed, is quite simple: Don’t give “them” any video to work with!

In other words, don’t do anything “corrupt” and you’ll be fine. Hawkes supports the usage of citizens filming police as well as body cameras. In a recent post on the law enforcement forum, Lt. Hawkes officers calmly lectures police who are basically annoyed about losing their “above the law” cart blanche. You know, like speeding and being the very menaces on the road for which they issue us non-badge holders very expensive tickets.

Here’s Lt. Hawkes’ post:

On YouTube you can see plenty of America’s finest being made to look like idiots — be smart because when we do senseless things, we only give the ‘anti-police crowd’ more ammunition. If you haven’t heard, there are increasingly more and more ‘anti-government’ and ‘anti-police’ groups attempting to make police officer’s look like bullies, thugs, and even criminals.

The ‘open carry’ movement is going beyond their demonstrations to prove their point, they are trying to make officer’s look like they don’t know the laws and generally try to start altercations. Keeping our cool and professionalism is a must, as hard as it is.

I know — I’ve been there.

…..And if they are not going away, we should probably realize that when we do senseless things, we only give them more ammunition to make law enforcement look like we are ‘unregulated thugs.’


This is one officer who understands what it means to be a law enforcement officer. Read the rest of his post HERE.

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