Twitter Goes WILD After George Zimmerman Got His Lights Knocked Out

George Zimmerman, the psychopathic murderer of Trayvon Martin, and all around d-bag, just got beat up by Karma again. Zimmerman, the man wrongfully acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012, claims he was punched in the face at a Florida-area restaurant.

According to 911 calls obtained by WFTV-TV in Florida, Zimmerman said a group of men recognized him at Gators Riverside Grille and confronted him.

He said he was going to kill me,” Zimmerman said to police. “You need to send like three or four cops.

And  Zimmerman’s friend told 911 dispatchers that he and Zimmerman were just sitting at a restaurant before four or five guys came up to them and proceeded to attack Zimmerman.

I tried to film it and they knocked my phone out of my hand and down onto the dock when I was trying to film it, said Zimmerman’s friend.

Wait, Zimmerman has friends?

The Twitterverse loves to rip this professional scumbag, and boy…they were not very sympathetic this time.




Twitter can be a real fickle pickle and not always on the side of humanity. However, it knows no bounds when it comes to crucifying human excrement like George Zimmerman.

It should be noted that ever since getting away with murder, Zimmerman has been arrested multiple times for matters involving violence, including assault. It would benefit society greatly if this guy would just go crawl into a ditch and never be seen again. We can only hope.

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