Twins Arrested For Bombing The H*ll Out Of Their Hometown During Winter Break

Conservatives engage in near-constant fear-mongering, warning of the “Islamic extremists” that are lurking around every corner just waiting for an opportunity to launch a terror attack. Meanwhile, here in reality, twin brothers in Pennsylvania have been arrested after coming home from college to spend winter break bombing the hell out of Amish country.

Caleb and Daniel Tate of Cochranville, both 22 years old, have been arrested and charged with arson by explosion, arson by possession of explosive devices, conspiracy, theft, and other offenses after they spent their winter break bombing their quiet hometown. The brothers apparently came home for the holidays from the colleges they were attending, Belmont University in Tennessee and Pepperdine University in California, respectively, and decided to pass the time by going on a two-week bombing streak throughout Lancaster and Chester counties last December.

According to D.A. Tom Hogan, between December 20 and December 31, the twins used metal pipes, fuel containers, and propane equipment to construct homemade IED’s that they been detonated in a mailbox and sheds all across Amish country.

Image via screen capture

Image via screen capture

The investigation was led by the Pennsylvania State police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Hogan reported that investigators eventually found a surveillance video that showed the twins stealing materials needed to build their IEDs. The boys were also dumb enough to use credit cards for items they purchased to build the homemade bombs. In addition, investigators were able to find a fingerprint on a piece of tape found it one of the explosion sites.

We live in a world where the thought of bombs exploding around us is a very real fear,” said Hogan in a statement. “These defendants brought that fear to our region during a two-week crime spree where they detonated multiple IEDs.

The brothers were released on $25,000 bail each. This is not their first run-in with the law. In a 2014 case that involved property damage, they were charged with dozens of counts of criminal mischief, loitering, and prowling at night, among other offenses. They eventually pled guilty to one charge of disorderly conduct and the other charges were dismissed.

The brothers are set to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on June 9.

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