Trump Supporting Man Punches Woman In The Face While She Eats Dinner

The stories of Trump supporters violently attacking their fellow Americans continue to pile up. In this particular incident, a New York woman was eating dinner in a Brooklyn restaurant when a Trump supporter overheard her conversation and punched her directly in the face. He even shoved a baby in a high chair out of his way so he could get to the terrified victim.

The 49-year-old woman, whose name has not been released, was eating dinner at Bar Tabac on Saturday night when she became the victim of a violent assault. According to Jonas Leon, who was the manager on duty, the woman was eating dinner with a female friend and the two were discussing their views on the election.

A man sitting at a table nearby got angry. He argued with the women and demanded that they be kicked out of the restaurant. Instead, Leon said he moved the man to another table. The man eventually paid for his food and left. But then he came running back in and punched the woman in the face.

“The guy came back almost running, and he started pushing some customer and the high-chair next to him with the baby because he couldn’t reach the girl,” Leon said. “Then he punched the girl.”

“The guy who punched the girl was pro-Trump for sure,” he added.

Katie Nave Freeman, who witnessed the attack, said she was enjoying her meal when she heard someone start screaming “call 911.” When she looked around, she saw a woman holding her face in her hands.

“The woman was extremely (and understandably) shaken,” Freeman said. “She grabbed me, sobbed and held the left side of her face in her hand.”

An NYPD spokesman confirmed that there was an assault at the restaurant that night. Bar Tabac posted the following statement on their Facebook page.

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