Three Right-Wing Extremists Charged With Domestic Terrorism And Fox Ignores It

For months we’ve heard that liberals hate the police. Liberals want to kill officers. Black people are cop murdering thugs. Blahblahblahblah. When a crazed African-American gunmen ruthlessly executed two NYPD officers in December, it further fueled the flames of that bullcrap.

The media would also have you think that the only terrorists in the world are Muslims, especially Fox. Fox looooooves to tell its viewers that Muslims are our biggest threat.

So why is the media ignoring the indictment of three men accused of domestic terrorism for plotting large scale attacks on police? Well, because these guys are not liberal or black or Muslim; they are right-wing, lily-white extremists who want to protect the Constitution.

Terry Eugene Peace, Brian Edward Cannon, and Cory Robert Williamson pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic terrorism and conspiring to defraud the government. They may also be charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, a charge that carries a sentence of life in prison.

The men who are members of a militia group in Georgia had online chats monitored by the FBI during January and February of last year. In the conversations, the men discussed using guerrilla war tactics and attacking government agencies, and the metro Atlanta police station.

The men also attempted to recruit other extremists to carry out attacks on the recruits’ home states.

Hmmmmm. . . sounds just like the scary jihadists that Fox is always warning us about, doesn’t it?

Peace (oh the irony) said the targets included “road blocks, TSA checkpoints, sheriffs/police conducting operations outside the Constitution” and remove “government people who support extra-Constitutional activities.”

Who is always accused of shredding the Constitution? That’s right, President Obama and other Democrats. They HATE the Constitution according to the right. So it’s not hard to figure out who these guys wanted to remove from office.

The men were originally arrested in February, 2014, in Tennessee when they met with an undercover FBI source and took possession of the explosives necessary to carry out their plots. In March, 2014, they were charged with conspiracy to receive and possess a destructive device, but it’s now been amended to domestic terrorism.

So we have three obvious white, right-wing extremists who wanted to kill massive amounts of police and government officials, but you’re not hearing about it. Interesting.

Featured image Northwest Georgia News

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