Texas Sheriff: Get Rid Of ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ – Says His Power Comes From God

As if denying same-sex couples their constitutional right to marry was not enough, now we have an even loonier take on self-declared divine authority in our public servants.

Trying to take top spot in Texas, Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks wrote an op-ed in the local news paper that went like this:

Due to recent events, I can no longer be silent concerning what our country allows. It is amazing to me that the criminals who break into our homes and steal from us, those who sell drugs to our children, those who abuse innocent and defenseless children, those who rape our wives and daughters, those who commit cold-blooded murders are all innocent until proven guilty. Yet, law enforcement officers are found guilty as soon as it ‘appears’ that the officer has done something wrong. Way before the whole incident can be reviewed and the TRUTH obtained, that officer is found guilty and nobody cares what the facts are. This folks, is a travesty!

Source: Raw Story

Meeks goes on to say how law enforcement’s authority comes from God, and laments the fact that American has become a “Godless Nation.” Right, because you have pesky things like an individual’s constitutional rights in the way of your playing wild west sheriff, it means everyone but you is a closet Atheist or anti-christian villain.

Guess where that authority comes from to law enforcement? It comes from God. Read Romans 13:1 in the Bible. And while you are at it, you folks in Ferguson, Baltimore, Arlington and here, take a Gander at Romans 13:2.

Source: Raw Story

Personally, I am getting tired of these self-appointed God warriors polluting our social and cultural progress. Absolutely zero of these people received authority from God to act with impunity against civilians, under the delusional fog of whatever they think God wants them to do at the time. No more due process? Summary execution? Illegal search and Seizure? Doesn’t matter. God told him it was ok.

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