SURPRISE: Despicable ‘Not Racist’ Foxbots Go Full-Racist Over FL Cop’s Murder

Veteran officer Charles Kondek responded to a noise complaint at around 2a.m. at an apartment complex in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Neighbors complained that Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., was sitting in a car with the music blasting. Kondek arrived on scene and as he approached the vehicle, Parilla fired a .40 caliber handgun at the officer, striking him in the upper chest. Parilla then backed up and ran over Kondek before leaving the scene. He was apprehended a short time later.

Kondek was a 17-year veteran of the police force and a father of six. He was murdered in cold-blood by a man who said he didn’t want to go back to prison. A sad, tragic murder that should not have happened.

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However, when people should be taking a moment to send their condolences to Kondek’s family, the vile fans of “Fox News Insider,” which touts itself as “The official blog of Fox News Channel,” are spreading their hate.

Here are some of the sickening comments on the “Fox News Insider” Facebook page under the article they posted about Officer Kondek’s horrific murder:

Doug Cox: Anyone I witness making a move on a cop will be a statistic. I absolutely hate you protestors and the criminals you are supporting. Rot in hell liberal scum. (This guy was neither a protestor or supported, so certainly we’re to blame.)

Lisa Henderson: THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Time to take back America and send these thugs and our president back to hell. (Translation: kill all minorities)

Betty Mansell:  These killings are soon to start a race war, Obama will be happy about that. (every president wants that…..NOT)

Hal Holloway: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson need to be charged with accessory to these murders. (Time to blame the black guys for all of the criminal behavior in America!)

Christopher Burke: Now can we send them swimming back to Africa please? (Totally not racist!)

Michael Taylor:  Hope this punk fries. This is a good reason for the police to become more aggressive and i dont blame them. (Translation: Cop should’ve exited vehicle gun blazing like the Wild West)

Vinnie Cristina: obama is holiding in Hawaii on taxpayers money, while his people killing our cops. (Translation: that lazy ni**er is spending our money and his ni**er friends are killing innocent white folks)

Steve Evans: HES happy in haw  aii its muslim way death an destruction allover he’s a piggy in hell p’-resident aliean obbollah barry sorrows punk. (Transl……da’fuq did I just read?!)

Tammy Hall:  So when will charges be brought against sharptin for conspiracy to commit murder. He said dead cops and his people are responding. They play off each other. ( Remember when Al Sharpton told “his people” to kill cops? Me either.)

Don Poitras: This has got to do they risk there lives to protect you and look what happens get sharpton out of the spot light he’s the cause of these with his racism and so is obama. (Because asking for social justice is totally racist!!)

Jim Archey:  The Sharpton gang changed they wanted dead cops and it seems that “want” is being filled. What do we want?? Al Sharpton to be gone, really gone. Maybe a crazy out there is waiting but to make that greasy, scrawny, race baiter a martyr would be a mistake. (Translation: Kill Sharpton! Wait….let me pretend I don’t really mean that so I don’t get into any trouble…..)

Daniel Vainisi:  Here you go Barack I blame you for every black on white death of our police officers. (Thanks Obama!)

Francis B. Callahan: TIME TO BRING BACK THE CLAN (Still not racist though)

The common theme among the comments was blame Obama and Sharpton, kill black people, and be as racist as possible. You’ll notice that most of them assumed that the killer was black, he wasn’t. But hey, facts never got in the way of a good conservative freakout so why should they now?

Source: Fox News Insider Facebook page | Original article by Fox News Insider | Featured image via screenshot from Facebook

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