South Side Chicago ‘Thug’ Threw Himself In Front Of Bullets To Save His Mother

Conservative media tends to portray African-American men in a very two-dimensional way. If they’ve had legal trouble, they are seen as “thugs” who deserve to be killed by police, even when they are unarmed and committing no crimes.

21-year-old James Jones, who lived on the South side of Chicago, will be remembered as anything but two-dimensional. As an ex-con who sold drugs, he’d certainly be labeled as a “thug” by those on the right, but because people are so much more complex than a list of past misdeeds, Jones also proved to be the most loving son possible. He sacrificed his own life to save his mother.

On Saturday, a man began shooting at Jones and his mother in their South side Chicago neighborhood. Heroically, Jones shielded his mother from the bullets with his own body.

Jones’ aunt, Dietra Luckett, witnessed the shooting:

My sister just so happened to be coming out the front door,” Luckett said. “He took his body and put it on top of her body. He covered her body.

Source: My Fox Chicago

Jones’ mother, Alicia Jones, 46, ultimately survived after undergoing surgery.

No one knows why the as yet unknown man opened fire. Jones had returned home after buying loose cigarettes. A man walked up to Jones, who was on his bike and said something to him. Jones didn’t appear to have any sort of reaction, and rode off. Then, when Jones got home, a man walked up to him from a van and said something else. Jones ignored that man and tried to walk inside. Then, as Jones’ mom was coming outside, gunfire began.

Jones did not survive and he is the third child Alicia Jones has lost. She lost a daughter in 2006 to a man robbing the Kentucky Fried Chicken where she worked and she lost a 4-year-old son when gang members threw a molotov cocktail into her home in 1994.

Featured image via Illinois Department of Corrections

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