Scott Baio Accidentally Shows Trump’s ‘Locker Room Talk’ Was Assault In Most Humiliating Way Ever

Has-been actor and Trump fanatic Scott Baio managed to accomplish the rare feat of humiliating himself and proving Trump bragged about sexual assault in a single idiotic call to the police.

In what might be the greatest headline of all time, music website Consequence of Sound reported that “Scott Baio says he was beat up by wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer as she screamed ‘Grab em’ by the pussy.'” Brilliant.

Diving into the story, Nancy Mack, wife of RHCP’s Chad Smith, was at a school event in which Baio was also in attendance. Baio has famously stood by Trump despite over a dozen women coming forward to alleged sexual assault charges against him. He even provided an awkward speech supporting Trump at the Republican National Convention.

What happened next is incredible: In front of a school full of children (presumably), Mack began “berating and cursing” Baio for supporting a guy who would grab women “by the pussy.” To show Baio how unacceptable this was, Mack reportedly grabbed the former actor “underneath his arms” and shook him while asking him how it felt. (In my head I imagine the children pointing and laughing as she did it, but that has not yet been established.)

Baio, being a coward, called the police. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating.

But what Baio didn’t seem to realize is that by trying to file assault charges against Mack for doing the exact same thing Trump does to women he inadvertently showed that he really did believe it was assault. Our little snowflake Scott Baio couldn’t take a simple demonstration of Trump’s actions before running to the authorities. Now just imagine what Trump’s alleged victims felt like when it happened to them for real. Locker room talk? Baio doesn’t seem to think so when he’s scared and it’s happening to him.

It’s unclear if Scott Baio has tweeted regarding the pending case because he blocked me after I wrote a previous article about him. We’ll post updates as we hear them.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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