Republican Twitter Comments About Planned Parenthood Terrorism Prove ‘Pro Life’ Is A Lie

On Friday afternoon, in Colorado Springs, reports started coming in about a shooting at the Planned Parenthood and Twitter erupted. Conjecture began immediately at both ends of the spectrum. Many of us, myself included, posited a white male as the culprit. The pro-birth crowd, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care who it was; they applauded the attack on Planned Parenthood.

Tweets hewed to the opinion that the shootings were justified because of the “murders” that occur in the PP building. Never mind that 97% of what that organization does has nothing to do with abortion — which is a medical procedure, perfectly legal and protected by the Constitution. Somehow, in the minds of these people, murder is an acceptable way to offer their opinion.

And that is all it is: An opinion. One informed by their religion. That’s fine for them, but they continue to insist that their religious beliefs become law. No. And it is not okay for healthcare providers to fear for their lives because they serve women.

The Tweets displayed the selfishness one would expect to see from the religiously myopic. Our friend @DCHomos rounded up a few before I arrived:

This one has a good imagination, though:

This one wants us to ignore the fact that the shooter is a white male, probably Christian. He’s a nutjob, alright, but I doubt he was on drugs:

Several Tweeters saw the shooter as someone who saved “millions of unborn lives” by taking adult ones:

This one wasn’t very shy about it:

This one is out in front of the shooter’s race, blaming us for being 1) relieved that he wasn’t black or Hispanic and 2) being correct:

Karma. Yet another concept the right has trouble with:

Several people were upset that Planned Parenthood would probably need to raise funds after this. Well, yeah. They all need extra security now. Nice job, righties.

As usual, the blaming of President Obama began pretty quickly:

This guy is already flogging the False Flag idea:

From the left, the main point seemed to be that the terrorist was alive at all. We know that if he’d been black, he would be dead. He shot at police; he hit at least five and killed one. If he were black, he would be riddled with bullets. That is a fact. Most of us know that.

The hypocrisy on the right is unbelievable. They whine about Democrats not wanting to say “radical Islam,” but when have you ever heard a Republican refer to “radical Christianity?” When have they opined about Christian domestic terrorism? We need to start pushing them on this.

Terrorism is the use of violence in the pursuit of political aims. I can’t think of any better description of what happened Friday.

Featured Image by Neon Tommy via Flickr

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