Republican [email protected] Of The Week: Diana West Blames Feminism For Rape (AUDIO)

In a recent interview with Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, conservative Diana West claims to know why there is so much sexual violence towards females. Brace yourselves for the onslaught of stupid because she blames feminism!

If young girls, if young women are not prized and defended by a civilization, there is no civilization. And it’s one of those things that we can say has come under attrition through feminism, through all manner of desensitization, through pornification.

Who knew empowering women could turn men into animals!

West claims feminism lead to women no longer being prized and defended. This is absolute crap, because let’s face it: Women and young girls were subjected to sexual violence long before the first bra went up in flames.

Although West’s claim that feminism leads to violence is ridiculous, the interviewer, Gaffney, ended with his own asinine take. Gaffney implies that President Obama’s push to allow immigrants to enter legally will add to the amount of sexual crimes:

[Immigrants] bring with them a culture in which this is the appropriate treatment for women of all ages.

With  the recent rapes of toddlers and young girls in India, and the thousands of rapes in the U.S. each year,  I’m disgusted by their views. Furthermore,  to imply violence was brought into their countries by immigrants is beyond ignorant. Sexual violence in this country has been around since the beginning when slave owners were raping their slaves and colonizers raping native Americans.

The problem isn’t that women are no longer being prized and defended. The problem is they never were!


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