Pro-Life GOP Base Outraged That Chris Kyle’s Killer Didn’t Get The Death Penalty (IMAGES)

After Eddie Ray Routh, the man who killed Chris Kyle, was sentenced to life in prison, the so-called pro-life conservatives came out in droves, outraged that he wouldn’t face the death chamber.

Nevermind that Routh was a veteran suffering PTSD and a paranoid schizophrenic. The people who turn into holier than thou “humanitarians” whenever the subject of abortion comes up, citing that ALL life is sacred, are absolutely enraged about the sentence:


Derek is a staunch supporter of all things conservative.  His likes include We Can End Abortion, Preach the Gospel, and Courage To Continue, all of which preach that all life is sacred.


Glenn is a fan of the Tea Party News Network, which is as pro-life as it gets, as well as Pray America, Pro Life=Pro God and Online For Life


Ervin gets Faith Family America in his newsfeed and supports a boatload of pages dedicated to veterans.

It almost seems like these guys don’t quite understand what pro-life means. Maybe the women, who tend to be closer to the issue than men, will be less harsh about taking the life of a mentally ill man who served his country.


Well there goes that theory. Olivia is a big fan of Kirk Cameron, subscribes to numerous right-wing Christian pages and also really, really likes guns.  Because they go so well with the pro-life lifestyle.


Trisha here may be the biggest hypocrite of them all. Hanging is especially cruel and unusual punishment, especially for someone with so many Christian likes. Her newsfeed must be inundated with God at all hours of the day, yet she still finds enough hatred in her heart to feel the need to post this noose in defense of a man who is famous for killing.

That may be what is the most upsetting about these people. So pro-life yet so pro-Kyle. The man killed people for a living. He bragged about enjoying it. He even lied about it when his life wasn’t quite exciting enough.

In true right-wing nutjob fashion, these people and many many more continue to prove their ideologies to be the best of the hate available on Facebook coupled with a whole lot of love for fetuses.

I wonder … If a Muslim woman has an abortion, do they consider it murder?

All Images are public posts on the Facebook Page Nation in Distress, and the likes of those featured are publicly available through their profiles.

Featured Image: Charles Topher

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