Police Chief Signs Off On Comparison Of Cop Block And ISIS (IMAGES)

What happens when a website tries to hold a police officer accountable by exposing an illegal search?

The police chief agrees the website is exactly like ISIS.

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The controversy started last month, when Officer Christopher Denny of Sandusky, Ohio, pulled over Andre Stockett, 34, of Huron, Ohio, and his girlfriend, Kathryn Denslow, 30, of Taylor, Michigan.

The incident, which was caught on tape, shows Officer Denny coaxing a K9 officer with a dog treat in order to “justify a hit” and proceeded with an illegal search.

No illegal substances were found.

The Facebook page, “Support Erie County LE Agencies,” which has since been removed, posted the following photo, comparing police watchdog site Cop Block to ISIS.

Police Chief compares Cop Block to ISIS

Police Chief compares Cop Block to ISIS.
Source: CounterCurrentNews.com

The photo was liked, and commented on, by Police Chief John Orzech and his family.

As one site said:

“If standing up to police brutality and abuse of power is seen as ‘terrorism’ in the eyes of the police, then what do you think that means they are willing to do to activists?”

Meanwhile, the investigation into Officer Denny’s conduct continues. According to investigators, Denny’s story contains “inconsistencies.”

The video of Officer Denny conducting an illegal search can be viewed here:

H/T: CounterCurrentNews.com

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