Only In Florida: Man Impersonating A Cop Gets Arrested…For Pulling Over A Cop


While Florida is home to some wonderful people, there is no question that the state that looks like a male appendage has its own brand of crazy.

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Last week, a man in Milton, Florida was arrested for, for some reason, impersonating a cop. The arrest came after he pulled over the wrong person: an actual off-duty cop.

Joshua Dwayne Lynam, 24, was arrested Friday on charges of impersonating an officer, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. Lynam, who reportedly had red and white flashing lights installed on the front of his truck, pulled behind a deputy in an unmarked vehicle on Interstate 110 near Airport Boulevard.

“(The officer) saw the emergency lights, and he pulled over to the side to let him go by,” said Sgt. Andrew Hobbs. “(Lynam) pulled up behind him, and he pretty much did a traffic stop.”

The Sheriff’s Office believes that Lynam may have been pulling other people over as well.

Often, when people impersonate law enforcement officials, it’s for nefarious reasons. A few years ago, in Chicago, for example, there was a series of rapes committed by men pretending to be cops. It’s not just Chicago, either. There have been instances across the country of fake cops raping women.

Lynam’s motives were likely not rape, but he does have a record, including a 2013 arrest for assaulting an officer and interfering with law enforcement. He was accused of threatening suicide and threatening to beat an officer with a video game controller if the officer dared turn off Lynam’s computer.

If you live in the area, Lynam drives a gold Chevrolet 1500 king cab with Florida plates 869 UBN and he has emergency lights on his truck. If you happen to get pulled over by someone suspicious or in a dark area, it’s legal for you to drive to a public area – even the police department. Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you aren’t sure.

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