MRA Subreddit ‘Philosophy Of Rape’ Offers Aspiring Subhumans Tips On How To Rape Women

Reddit is well-known — one might say infamous — because of its defense of “free speech.” This often manifests itself as sheer ugliness, as if the distilled failure of the human species collected itself in the gutter of the Internet.

Part of the problem is that Reddit is home to multiple “men’s rights activists,” and the latest members of that community to find their way into the spotlight are a subreddit called /r/PhilosophyofRape, which promotes what it calls the “corrective rape” of “filthy, unmitigated, sluts … [t]hat badly need to be punished. Badly.”

Philosophy This Is Not

The community was first noted last year; since Reddit prides itself in defending things like child pornography and up-skirt photographs taken of young women and girls without their consent, the subreddit remained active long enough to spin-off a brand new website, where the folks behind it called on fellow “philosophers” to “[s]ubscribe and submit your rape tips … !”

The new site, like the subreddit before it, promises war on “harpies,” “hussies,” “[d]ecrepid filth, dressed like hookers and reaking like vodka” and “Belligerent. Entitled. Selfie taking, Tindr-whoring, Teenage-walking-herpes-sores.”

They also aim to attack “vain, vile, venemous, femenist, filth” (sic), in particular:

[T]he kind who get conferences to talk about mens suicide rates shut down. The type of hussies who have lobbied effectively to remove due process from proceedings against men on college campuses.

Internet Garbage Dump

The group believes that rape is not only important but necessary, because it’s “corrective.” It’s so necessary, in fact, that there exists a post called, “Why is Rape Necessary,” just to hammer home the necessity of it (all mistakes original):

1) Rape did serve important, healthy, and natural biological purposes historically in limiting the extent to which female bad behavior can go.

2. Women in many ways are like children, and most can not self-regulate very well, so in the absence of something like parents or a natural limiting force like rape, they just run amok and destroy their selves and everything they touch.

3. Because rape is so completely arm-barred back by the state, and feminism has grown to be this infestation that caused even the social consequences for female behavior to dissappear, we find ourselves in a precarious situation. Unbridled female sluttishness, entitlement, narcissism, vileness and destruction gone viral.

4. Such women need to be Corrected. Humbled. Brought back down to a healthy place and realistic mindset. For their own good as well as that of those around them. That particular corrective action is quite clear, the one that used to naturally limit the behavior: rape.

5. We are here to provide encouragement and advice how to do that and do it safely. Regression analysis to find out which variables make it less likely to get into legal trouble. Very few women report the rapes, what can you do to make it even less likely? Example: remind the victim that “no one will believe them”. When they orgasm (which is actually very common during rape, Google it) speak up and let them know that you are aware of it and that it will come out during trial if they reported it.

After all their complaining about “femenist” abuse and the unchecked power of the “femnazis,” they turn around and admit that most men who rape women face zero consequences. Capital job, fellas.

The “philosopher” king declares in another post that it’s “easier than ever” to “get away Scott free” with rape, just so long as you do it as they advocate: “actual rape-rape, as in dark-alley, ski mask, stranger rape.”

Then there’s the “tips” that they supply. Most of these are not particularly inspired or original, but they are an exercise in stamina nonetheless:

Tell the harlot that you come from a rich family and that she will never successfully convict you of raping her in court.  Tell her that, if she tries to sue you, you will counter-sue for a huge amount of money that will bankrupt her.

Tell the harlot that, if she tells the police about the rape, you will kill her entire family.  If she has children, tell her that you will rape her children before killing them.

Put sugar into the harlot’s vagina to give her a yeast infection.  This will be a mark of shame on her that she will be unable to forget, and she will have to relive the rape every time she seeks treatment for it. …

After raping the harlot, steal her clothes and write “WHORE” on her chest with a red marker.  She will be forced to walk around naked with “WHORE” written on her chest, and it will be extremely humiliating for her.

The group insists that they’re “serious as a heart attack,” and the Southern Poverty Law Center echoes that, rightly listing the group as a “hate group” beside the KKK or Neo-Nazis — who may be closely tied with the website. The moderator, European88, is moderator of 157 of Reddit’s worst, most loathsome subreddits, including but not limited too: /r/CoonTown, /r/WhiteRights,  /r/nazi, /r/GasTheKikes, /r/Chimpout, /r/StormfrontForums and /r/N*ggerSafari.

There’s no way to know how many people have been hurt by this subreddit and the people behind it, but it’s worth noting that this is the sort of attitude that led to Elliot Rodgers — and while the FBI is aware of the site, it never hurts to remind them of its existence again.

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