Man Assaults Officer Who Stops Him From Saving His Dog Trapped In Burning Home (VIDEO)

All a man in Chicago, Illinois, wanted to do was save his best friend, his dog, who was still stuck in their burning home. A police officer tried to prevent him from entering the structure, at which point he struck the officer in the heat of the moment.

For this, Samuel Lee Bassett, a 48-year-old Air Force Veteran, is facing charges for two felony counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer, as well as two misdemeanor counts for resisting. He is being held on a $300,000 bond.

Samuel Bassett shortly after he is arrested. Pic via Inquistr.

Samuel Bassett shortly after he is arrested. Pic via Inquistr.

When he went in front of a Cook County judge, he was told:

Have more respect for police officers.

It is reported that he kept trying to go into the building repeatedly to save his dog who was in trouble. Deputy Fire Commissioner Mark Nielsen said the reason why they were trying to keep him out was:

It just wasn’t safe for him to go in.

The officer who arrested Bassett also hit him in the face with his handcuffs, leaving a visible gash that is apparent when looking at his mugshot taken at the police station.

Three Chicago firefighters are said to have suffered relatively minor injuries in the fire that night.

Mr. Bassett is expected to show back up in court on Friday to face the charges. After his arrest, he was told the unfortunate news that firefighters weren’t able to save his dog, which was found dead inside the home after the fire was finally put out.

Now, while it’s not recommended that people make a habit of running into burning buildings to save their dogs, it has been done with much success before. In October, a man exited a house fire that was completely engulfed in flames when he, too, realized his dog was inside. There is actually a videotape of this. The man makes the heroic trip that Mr. Bassett was attempting to do, and walks out with his dog safely.

Should Mr. Bassett have been given the opportunity to risk his own life in order to save his furry friend?

This is a must watch:

H/T: ABC13 | Featured Image: ABC

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