Libertarian Group’s Advice on How To Avoid Rape: Not Dressing Slutty Is ‘Risk Mitigation’

A page on Facebook called Being Classically Liberal (BCL), a Libertarian page, posted commentary on how women can reduce the risk of rape: By dressing modestly. The poster explains:

When people say that young women should dress modestly in order to avoid being raped, it’s because they believe in risk mitigation, it’s not because they think rape is acceptable.

According to BCL, rape is caused by scandalously clad women who are taunting out-of-control men.

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Get your facts straight BCL. What you’re doing IS blaming the victim for their rape, “dress it” however you want. There is no such thing as “risk mitigation” in these circumstances. Women are raped wearing sweatpants and baggy T-shirts. Women are raped wearing burqas. Lulling modestly-dressed women into a false sense of security is irresponsible.

There is no such thing as “safe-clothing”

The page didn’t stop there, however. BCL came back after being reprimanded by their followers the page went on to explain in a another post that they understand rapists are criminals but then goes on to use a tired analogy to further explain the modest dress post:

For example, obviously robbery is wrong, and we shouldn’t blame people for being robbed, but at the same time, it’s probably a smart idea to lock your doors at night in order to minimize the risk of being robbed. When people advise women to dress modestly, it’s because they believe it will reduce their chances of being victimized.

Let’s dissect the robbery analogy here for a second, because BCL obviously thinks they’re onto something with that one since they have used it in two separate posts. In the analogy the robber is the rapist. We’re good there, it’s a fair comparison. Women are the house, okay so far. The unlocked door is the clothing, it’s inviting a robber in essentially, getting shaky here, an unlocked door doesn’t invite a burglar because the burglar has to walk to the door first. BCL forgets that the unlocked lock is still on a closed door. The door being an analogy for the word ‘no’. Any burglar that opens an unlocked door is still breaking and entering. So whether it’s an unlocked door on a mansion or an apartment makes no difference here. Not to mention, if a burglar wants to rob a domicile there’s always another way in. It really matters very little what “allowed” the crime to take place. The problem starts and ends with the burglar just as it does a rapist.

Even if a woman is scantily clad, this only follows the logic that “Women’s bodies are deserving of rape.”

In a CDC national survey, the study shows most women were raped by someone who was known to them. The study shows that 51.1 percent of perpetrators were intimate partners to the victim, 40.8 percent were acquaintances and 12.5 percent were family members. Only 13.8 percent of perpetrators were strangers. We’re talking about lecturing women for the way they dress for a measly 13.8 percent of rapists here? As far as risk mitigation goes, women should virtually have to have no friendly contact with men. That’s not an acceptable way to deal with the problem either.

Rape isn’t about sexual attraction, though it may play a small role, the motivating feelings behind a rape are anger, power, and control. It’s more of a violent act and less a sexual one. Any person can be the object of violence, it has nothing to do with clothing. Women, men and children of all ages are raped. It’s not just for the pretty girls in short dresses.

This idea that attire is the cause of rape also insults men, because they are seen as out-of-control, wild dogs who can’t help but hump your leg. Are you going to take that, guys?

Can women take precautions to avoid rape? Sure, but women can take every precaution in the world and still end up being raped. Dressing modestly is not a likely precaution that will stop someone in their tracks though, so it’s still incredibly important to educate EVERYBODY (not just men) that rape is wrong and what the warning signs are.

A movement, called the “Slut Walk”, is gaining momentum to combat the ideal that a woman in “slutty” clothing is begging to be raped. Women show as much skin as they wish and shout that they are “Not asking for it” as they protest. The march takes place on the International Day Against Victim Blaming in April. To find out more about this movement, click here. Also a great way to avoid rape is not by changing your clothing, but by self-defense. Learn some moves by clicking here.

Being Classically Liberal‘s Facebook post:


The premise that women can hope to avoid rape simply by dressing modestly is flawed. Facebook.













H/T: Univeristy of Minnesota Photo: Dan Morril




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