Karma Alert: Man Who Shot At Zimmerman To Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense

Before you go nutty correcting me, I realize that Zimmerman opted for straight self-defense and not “stand your ground” after he killed Trayvon Martin. While it isn’t quite proper, Zimmerman has, nonetheless, become synonymous with the defense gun nuts in many states love to use to justify using deadly force when someone walks on their lawn or turns around in their driveway.

In the latest round of Zimmerman drama, Zimmerman was shot at by Matthew Apperson. Apperson first appeared in Zimmerman’s life last September, when Zimmerman allegedly threatened to kill him in a road rage incident.

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Apperson told police that Zimmerman, armed as always, shouted at him at a stop signal, “Do you know who I am. I’ll f*cking kill you.” Because that’s what George Zimmerman does.

Apperson was arrested May 11 after shooting at Zimmerman, who was reportedly trying to avoid him. Yes, it seems George is only a tough guy when he’s with other people or confronted with an unarmed teenager. According to St. Mary, FL police, Zimmerman saw Apperson behind him and made a U-turn to get away.

If that turns out to be true, Apperson’s plan to use a “stand your ground” defense is just as ridiculous as Zimmerman claiming self-defense, which means by Florida logic he’ll probably be granted immunity from prosecution.

Stupidity tends to follow stupid people; George Zimmerman is covered in it. His now ex-wife accused him of busting up her property in a fit of rage. He was arrested for aggravated assault for pointing a gun in his girlfriend’s face. After the road rage incident he was found allegedly stalking Apperson.

There is nothing normal about George Zimmerman, his thought process or his life. The choices he makes spit in the face of the conservative “good guy with a gun” theory. He’s dangerous, unstable and should be locked away in a padded room somewhere.

Feature image via legalinsurrection.com

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