Jared Fogle Sues The Parents Of One Of The Children He Sexually Abused For Letting Her Be His Victim

Once a hero to Americans struggling to lose weight, Jared Fogle now sits in prison after being convicted of child pornography charges and traveling to have sex with a minor. It’s hard to imagine how the former Subway spokesman could possibly demonstrate to us that he is a more horrible human being than we already thought, but he has.

According to TMZ:

“Jared Fogle’s brass balls are rattling — the child porn convict is actually suing the parents of one of his victims, blaming them for the teen’s problems. Fogle’s suit targets the parents of a “Jane Doe” … who earlier this year sued him and his ex-employee, Russell Taylor. In his lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Fogle says the girl’s parents screwed her up when they got divorced. He says they frequently fought and abused alcohol in front of “Jane Doe,” which caused her to suffer major depression and engage in “destructive behaviors” — including abuse of drugs and alcohol, self-mutilation and having suicidal thoughts.”

The victim’s parents filed a lawsuit against Fogle in March. They allege that the former head of Fogle’s charity, Russell Taylor, secretly videotaped their daughter getting undressed and then sent the footage to the disgraced spokesman. They are seeking $150,000 in damages related to emotional distress.

However, Fogle, who is serving 15 and a half years in prison, doesn’t believe that he should be held responsible for abusing the child because her parents fought in front of her. Apparently in the mind of this vile man if a child is even a teensy bit upset about things in her life it is totally cool if he takes advantage of her. Can you imagine if every sex offender used this excuse for their crimes? It’s unthinkable.

Fogle is the scum of the Earth. He abused this child and now he is trying to push all of the blame on someone else. Parents fight and sometimes their relationships do not work out, but that doesn’t give a sexual predator the right to swoop in and abuse those kids. There is nothing this man could possibly say to ever excuse his actions and we can only hope that this girl’s parents bleed him dry financially in this lawsuit.

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