Ho Ho Horrible! Kansas Police Get In 20 Hour Standoff With Christmas Tree

What is it with cops having standoffs with inanimate objects? Many of you may remember the ridiculous if not comical standoff, police had with a life-size Halo Statue at Robotoki Gaming Studios in Los Angeles not long ago, and as absurd as that incident may have been it’s nothing compared to what happened in Cherokee County, Kansas this past Tuesday. Galena police raided the home of Juanita Lane and her four children Monday night, and then engaged in an intense 20 hour standoff with an empty house.  It finally ended early Tuesday evening with the complete destruction of the Lane home, including police throwing  the family Christmas tree out a window.

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The drama began when police showed up Monday evening around 9 p.m. and forcibly removed the Lane family from their home. They did it while in search of a man they claimed assaulted a police officer earlier that evening and was now holed up inside. They continued the standoff even after repeated statements by Juanita Lane that there was nobody else in the house.

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Shortly after arriving Sheriff David Groves led his men into the house to apprehend suspect Doug Alexius, but hastened a quick retreat when their infrared camera lead this elite squad of wannabe soldiers to believe Alexius was hiding in the attic.  He was apparently too much of a threat to be taken down by Grove and his men by themselves. Twenty hours later the SWAT team arrived in their full body armor with a battering ram and proceeded to totally destroy the house. They then neutralized anything they claimed could be used as a weapon or hiding place by the suspect. Among these threatening objects? Scary toys, suspicious clothes, frightening mattresses and a very threatening Christmas tree that police felt compelled to throw through the window onto the front lawn.

It seems not even the holidays can quell the temperament of an often impulsive, if not flat-out dangerous, police culture. This attitude by the police seems to be becoming more and more commonplace in this country.

After the raid and subsequent destruction turned up no suspect, Sheriff Groves unapologetically handed the frightened family a card with a number they could call to file a claim for incidents when police raid the wrong home, causing thousands of dollars of damage in the process.

In a follow-up to the incident the sheriff had this to say:

Some may suggest you just rush in, and we could have cleared that house in a matter of minutes. But if there was a suspect in there and would have shot one of our officers or something else happened, and he was able to breach the perimeter and jeopardize the safety of the residents nearby, that’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

Looks like ’tis the season to be moronic, where police have again created chaos in an innocent family’s life and have paid no price for their reckless and damaging behavior.

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