Hey Ma, No Guns! Homeowner Finds Alternative To Shooting Burglar

A Seattle man spotted a burglar on Tuesday afternoon and, guess what? Nobody was shot. But the homeowner was still able to prevail over the criminal.

Chuck Curtis watched as a man broke into his garage, then came towards the house. Curtis heard the sound of glass breaking as he was talking to 911 dispatchers. He went to the front door to see if he could spot the burglar. When he didn’t, he turned to go back inside. What he saw then would scare most people off: the burglar was standing in his kitchen with a pair of garden shears he had taken from the garage.

Curtis was not scared — he later said that he was either very brave or very stupid, probably both — and charged the man. He managed to grab the shears out of the burglar’s hands and proceeded to beat him over the head with the implement:

I took the shears from him, and then I started hitting him with both the shears and my fists, repeatedly.

The burglar managed to break away from the pummeling and make a getaway on Curtis’s girlfriend’s bicycle. He made it about 4 blocks before police captured him. He was treated at the scene, then taken off to jail. Where he presumably won’t find any more garden shears.

Curtis injured his hand a little beating the burglar. He didn’t need medical treatment but it got him to thinking:

I definitely wonder, what if he had a gun or another weapon? Then it might have been the wrong thing to do. I can’t say I did the right thing or the wrong thing, I just acted.

If the burglar had possessed a gun, this story would have ended differently. As it is, we have a great example of a homeowner being able to prevail without a firearm. While it is possible that Curtis could have been severely injured by the garden shears, the sight of them didn’t presage his certain death. Neither the good guy nor the bad guy had a gun and both are alive because of that.

Featured Image via KOMO News

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