Fla. Teen Who Killed Brother Was Locked In Room With Only Bucket To Urinate In

On Monday, news of the arrest of two girls for shooting and killing their 16-year-old brother sent shockwaves through Florida. The shock has slowly turned to horror as details of abuse have been released to the public.

According to police, the deceased was left in charge of his three sisters, ages 15, 11, and 3, while their parents went out of town to work.

On Monday at some point, the brother locked his 15-year-old sister in her room. The girl waited until her brother fell asleep and then asked her 11-year-old sister to unlock her bedroom door.

When the girl was freed from her room, she went outside, removed an air conditioner from her parents’ bedroom window, crawled through and retrieved their unsecured gun. She then went into the living room, told her sisters to get in a closet and shot her sleeping brother. At some point he woke up and screamed,”Help! Help!” But there was no help to be had. He died from his wounds.

The older sisters left the house and the 11-year-old called a family friend and asked to be picked up from a Dollar General store. When the woman arrived she found both sisters and one said something was wrong with a sibling at home.

Police were contacted and said the older sister was calm and applying make-up at first, but soon admitted to shooting her brother after he beat her. When police arrived at the house, the 3-year-old told them,”He’s dead.”

Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter said:

“It’s hard for us to get our arms around this act. This is the stuff nightmares are made of.”

Nightmares indeed. The parents were arrested for child neglect and what they told police next makes a seemingly senseless murder make sense.

The girls’ mother told police that they often locked the 15-year-old girl up when she misbehaved. The longest they kept her locked in her room was 20 consecutive days, the father told police. [Source]

When police looked in the girl’s room, they found only a bucket filled with urine and a blanket in the closet. It was also disclosed that she had attempted suicide multiple times.

Police report that the girl’s uncle was convicted of molesting her in 2010, and in 2011 the mother caught her and her brother having sex. The Department of Children and Families investigated but did not remove the children from the home.

It’s not hard to imagine why this girl snapped. She is the victim of horrific abuse at the hands of everyone who is supposed to love her. Her parents are the ones who should be charged with murder; it’s their actions that led to this.

Locking a child in a room with only a bucket to urinate and defecate in is absolutely horrendous. They treated this girl like an animal, is it surprising that she reacted like one?

Hopefully, police get her the help she needs instead of charging the sisters as adults.

The names of those involved have not been released to protect the identity of the minor children.


 Featured image via WTKR

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