Democratic Candidate Brutally Beaten Unconcious, Still Running Because He’s All Out Of F*cks To Give

In another disturbing escalation of politically motivated violence in the United States, Richard Ojeda, a Democratic candidate running a primary challenge against an incumbent state senator, was brutally beaten unconscious and almost murdered just two days before the primary vote:

Richard Ojeda suffered multiple fractures and lacerations and severe swelling to his head and face, according to investigating officer Trooper Z. Holden with the West Virginia State Police Logan Detachment. Ojeda was expected to have surgery soon, but wanted to get out of the hospital as soon as he could to resume the campaign, Holden said. A suspect, Jonathan Porter, was being held in connection with the incident

Porter continued to stomp on the unconscious man until a neighbor intervened. Porter then jumped in his truck, allegedly tried to back up over Ojeda’s prone body and fled the scene after crashing through two ATVs that had been maneuvered to block his escape. No one else was injured.

You’d think this might put a damper on his political aspirations but the very next day, Ojeda posted this amazing “I don’t give a f*ck” to Facebook:

Brushing my teeth with a sponge! If you thought this would shut me up you are mistaken. I am now even more determined to continue on my path. I haven’t spoken to that Jonathan idiot in years which tells me that there was more to this. I do know that he is an embarrassment to his brother and I do not hold any of this against Harold. I would like to give a huge “Thank You” to Kendall Dingess and a few others for keeping the knucklehead from running my unconscious body over with his truck. These guys got in between me and the truck and saved my life. That’s real friends! I am still in this race 110% and committed to fulfilling my promises. I hope people realize the garbage that has went on for far too long in our areas. I have been threatened before but I never really knew it would come to this. I have dealt with the Taliban and Al Qaeda……I am not scared of those of you who think you can intimidate me. It’s not in my bloodline! Step aside because we are taking our counties back!

Now THAT’S how you respond to political violence.

This kind of crap is nothing new in America but it does seem to be getting more brazen the closer the rich and powerful get to losing their stranglehold on the country. It could be that Porter’s attack had nothing to do with politics and the timing was just a coincidence. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

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