Delusional Judge Has Reduced Sentences For Child Predators Before

Last time it was for a Highway Patrol Officer who had been seeking out young girls for sex

Judge M. Mark Kelley presided over a case in which the defendant, Stephen Robert Deck, was tried for lewd conduct in connection with an explicit conversation that he had with a 13 year old girl and showing up to a decoy house with condoms. Unfortunately for him, this was a To Catch a Predator sting too. The girl in this case was a decoy but he was the one who brought up sex and meeting up when the girl said her parents had left for the evening. Deck was a California Highway Patrol Officer at the time. Deck was convicted in 2009 and was sentenced on March 19, 2010.

This was not the first time that Deck was having explicit conversations with young girls online either, according to law enforcement records. The OC Weekly shared the detailed list on their website. Deck told a 13 year old in Costa Mesa to be sure and turn off the archiving feature in Yahoo Messenger so that her parents would not see their conversation. He tried to convince the girl to meet him at a hotel where he planned to ‘get her pregnant’.

He was also chatting with a 13 year old in the Pacific Northwest. He told her that he wanted to have sex with her and her 10 year old sister starting with eating food off of each other’s naked bodies. He was even more explicit with another underage girl and repeatedly sought to meet up with her though it is not clear if he was successful or not. Deck was also a member of an online club called Daddies & Daughters, the focus of the club is incestuous relationships.

So it would be very difficult for a reasonable person to believe that he did not intend to seek out a 13 year old for sex when he contacted Amy. Their conversations didn’t take long to get sexual and he complained about people making a ‘big deal’ of younger/older relationships. He talked about performing sex acts on her and asking if she would like to perform one on him before setting out to meet her that night. He was not going to be successful this night either since Amy was the decoy and he was arrested when he arrived at the house.

Because of this history, prosecutors were asking for the maximum sentence of 4 years in prison, probation officers recommended the maximum sentence, Judge Kelley gave him one year of probation because the fact that he was a cop should ‘count for something’. Now we have another case where the Judge has reduced the sentence against the sentencing guidelines and this time, there is a movement to remove him from the bench and the District Attorney is appealing the case.

Featured Image from The Orange County Register


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