Darren Wilson Will Have 24/7 Security Detail Thanks to St. Louis Police Union

Darren Wilson’s story is a unique one.

First, the officer insisted he was attacked by an unarmed teenager which prompted him to unload his gun on Michael Brown. This sparked thousands of people across the nation protesting the death of Brown and protesting the actions of Wilson.

Since the shooting, Wilson has lived in several undisclosed locations to keep him tucked safely away from the public while he healed from his life-threatening facial bruise.

Now that the grand jury decided not to indict Brown’s killer on criminal charges, the outrage over Wilson’s actions has increased.

Many were left wondering if  Wilson would go back to work. How will he live?

On Saturday, November 29, Wilson officially retired from the Ferguson police department. Wilson won’t receive severance pay, but it matters little because donation campaigns started under his name have come in at an estimated $500,000 dollars.

The resignation cited that his continued involvement as a Ferguson officer would put other officers and residents at risk, but that he wished to continue working as an officer.

How will the infamous retired officer walk the streets with his easily recognizable face?

He will have a 24-hour security detail assigned to him.

Jim Pasco, executive director of the national Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), explains that security for Wilson has been provided voluntarily by members of FOP and will continue indefinitely.

Pasco said:

I don’t know how he can live a normal life. His days as a cop are over.

Wilson has received several death threats since the shooting, making the security detail necessary, but also rare. Most officer’s involved in shootings don’t receive this kind of attention.

Neil Bruntrager, Wilson’s attorney, confirmed the FOP members were watching over Wilson:

This (security) arrangement is very unusual, but point me to a case like this one.

While Wilson is free from any criminal charges, he has become imprisoned by his own actions. Much like George Zimmerman who was let go after killing Trayvon Martin, Wilson has a lifetime of looking over his shoulder ahead of him.

H/T: USA Today | Photo: Facebook

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