AZ Cop Caught On Film Punching Teenage Girl In Face As Mother Begs Her To Stop (VIDEO)

A couple sitting at a traffic light caught a female Mesa, Arizona, police officer attacking a teenage runaway as the girl’s mother begged the public servant to stop. The video was uploaded to Facebook on Friday, according to the Free Thought Project, and shows the unnamed officer roughly pinning the girl to the ground as the teen screams that she “can’t breathe.”

After the officer punches the girl in the face, the girl’s mother begins pleading with the officer to not employ such violent tactics in calming down her daughter, who suffers from some psychological problems, as well as asthma.

The girl screamed that she couldn’t breathe and begged the officers to “stop,” but they pinned her face-down on the pavement nonetheless.


Luis Paul Santiago, the man who filmed the incident, said that police attempted to delete the video of their actions, and that the male officer in the video said his companion “behaved correctly” and “could have shot her dead” if she had wanted to do so.

We’re going to call her tonight we have her info. Pretty sad she had asthma that’s why she was kickin like a fish,” Santiago explained in a Facebook post. “The cop said the female cop acted correctly and if she needed to she can shoot her dead.”


Unfortunately, police brutality has become the new norm. Within a short span of time, grand juries have refused to allow two instances of men being the victims of what many consider to be outright murder at the hands of police officers to even go to trial.

Around the nation, people of all colors are rising up and demanding change in a justice system that allows wanton use of force, abuse of authority, and shields those who use their positions in the most despicable ways imaginable from harm.

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