An Open Letter To Nicholas Goldberg, Editor of the Editorial Column for the Los Angeles Times

August 11, 2015

Dear Mr. Goldberg:

I see that you recently published a letter in the Los Angeles Times in which you state that my childhood hero and dear friend Ted Rall has been dismissed from his post as an editorial cartoonist for said newspaper, citing allegations on the part of the Los Angeles Police Department that an account given by Mr. Rall in May 2015 in which he discussed being stopped by Officer Will Durr for jaywalking, during which time, Mr. Rall was needlessly restrained in handcuffs and unnecessarily thrown against a wall.
I also understand that a representative from the LAPD contacted the Times regarding the account, claiming that Mr. Rall had spoken falsely, and had furnished an audio recording of the incident supposedly proving that, and that according to L.A. Times journalist Paul Pringle, Officer Will Durr states that he never used handcuffs during a traffic stop.

Unfortunately, the audio recorded of the incident by Officer Durr, having been subject to enhancement and scrutiny by half a dozen audio experts, clearly depicts a group of women telling Durr to un-cuff Ted Rall and has also been revealed to have been deceptively spliced. On top of that, how the hell can you believe any account declaring that Officer Durr never used handcuffs during a traffic stop when not only does a quick online search of Durr’s name reveal that he has in fact used handcuffs during traffic stops, but a report of him doing exactly that when stopping a college student for aggressive driving was PUBLISHED IN THE LOS ANGELES F*CKING TIMES?!!


And with all that in mind, where the F*CK do you come off saying that “The Los Angeles Times is a trusted source of news because of the quality and integrity of the work its journalists do,” when the LAPD, the very source of the information on which you are basing your firing of Mr. Rall, has not only been caught in a lie, but you have perpetuated this lie by siding with them despite their long history of brutality, corruption and coverups?! You have some f*cking balls!

Congratulations, a**hole! Not only have you compromised the integrity of the Los Angeles Times, you have shamed the entire news industry and the whole of the journalistic community. F*cking Benjamin Bradlee, everybody! Give him a hand!

I guess all I have left to say is that not only should you be fired from your post at the L.A. Times and frog-marched out of the building, you deserve to not even be able to get a job editing punk rock zines in Rwanda, you no-account, penny-ante hack! Eat sh*t!

James Geoffrey Parfitt Conrad

Image credit: Los Angeles Times masthead, intentionally defaced by the author.

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