After Blaming DNC For Getting Hacked Trump Gets Brutal Reminder Of Time His Twitter Was Hacked

Donald Trump isn’t just a lying hypocrite, he’s also profoundly dim-witted. Thankfully, the internet is always there to remind him of all three.

After a devastating report was released by the intelligence community that specifically links Russian hackers and Putin himself to throwing the election to Donald Trump, the soon-to-be president has been on a one-man mission to victim-blame and whine his way out of any action that would confront Russia for what they did.

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Rather than accept the findings of the intelligence agencies (or at least entertain them as possibilities), he’s tried to turn the tables and make it seem like the Democrats deserved to be hacked in the first place. Naturally, he also slipped in a bit of bragging about Republican cybersecurity as well.

Trump has vowed to get tougher on cybersecurity – a promise that is undone by the fact that it is abundantly clear to many tech professionals that Donald Trump has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about and appears to be functionally computer illiterate.

There’s also the fact that a man in a glass tower shouldn’t be throwing stones. Here’s a reminder for Trump: Your beloved Twitter account was hacked in 2013. You freaked out about it and said you’d find out who did it. And you never did.

First the hack, which took the form of some Lil Wayne lyrics (notably only slightly more off-color than the rants Trump himself was known for):


Trump quickly got control of his account back and freaked out.

They never found the person who did it. It could have been Russia, it could have been a 400-pound man in New Jersey. Who is to say?

What makes this story tinged with a bit of real danger is the fact that Donald Trump is increasingly relying on his Twitter account to govern. His tweets have caused people to be harassed. They’ve enraged countries. And they’ve sent stock prices tumbling. All because of flippant tweets made by Trump in his neverending quest for validation. So now that he really is about to be president, the fact that his Twitter account could be hacked again – and presumably for purposes more sinister than posting rap lyrics – has unsettled many Americans.

Even worse, Trump refuses to give up his Android phone for a more secure one, making hacks even more likely.

Analysis of Trump’s social media activity and comments him and his aides have made about his phone suggest that he his still using a regular Android device. The Google-made software is widely regarded as vulnerable to hackers, who could use known techniques to access all of Trump’s communications, as well as live camera, microphone and location feeds.


Cyber spooks hunting for sensitive information could secretly install malicious software onto Trump’s phone that allows them to turn the microphone and camera on when they please, track his location, and steal all of his messages and emails, Rosen warned.

Experts say this is particularly concerning given fears that Russian state-sponsored cyber criminals will continue their information war once Trump ascends to the presidency. For this reason, some researchers say he should have been handed a secure phone as soon as he was elected.

Instead, Trump – because he doesn’t understand technology and fears change – will keep his old, easily hacked phone.

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