‘Affluenza Teen’ Has His Day In Court–Karma And Sweet Justice For The Win

Ethan Couch, also known as “affluenza teen,” was handed his freedom like everything else in his life: on a silver platter. After killing four people while driving drunk, Couch was exonerated because his white privilege and wealth kept him from understanding right versus wrong. Rather than spend a few years in juvenile detention, Couch was given 10 years of probation with the stipulation that he stay away from alcohol and any kind of criminal activity.

Apparently, the deaths of four people and a lenient sentence weren’t enough to teach Couch a lesson, as he was filmed drinking at a party earlier this year. His rich family responded by trying to send him to pay for his behavior on the beaches of Mexico, but he — and his now-criminal mother — were caught and jailed. Couch was scheduled to appear in front of a judge once again, except this time it’s different; this time he’s an adult.

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“You’re not getting out of jail today.”

That’s what Texas Judge Wayne Salvant told white privilege boy, sentencing him to 720 days — one 180-day sentence for each of the four victims he killed. It’s hardly the sentence he deserves, but at least he won’t be walking away scot-free with a ridiculous disposition and a slap on the wrist. Considering the time he’s about to serve is technically for violating his probation and not the actual crime, the judge did a fairly nice job of throwing the book at him.

Last time Couch was released, he left the courthouse with a smile and resumed his life of not caring about anyone but himself. This time, he’ll face a crowd of people far less likely to be impressed by his money. The 15 minutes of fame he’s enjoyed will be smacking him in the face very shortly. His mother, who was charged with aiding and abetting a felon’s escape from justice, also faces a two to ten-year sentence.

Sorry, folks. Money only bought your freedom once. This time, you pay.

Featured image via Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

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