A ‘Teenage Mistake?’ One Of Josh Duggar’s Victims Was No More Than 5 Years Old

The Duggar family, along with Mike Huckabee and loony Christian right, have expended a great deal of time and energy defending the actions of a child molester. Their number one argument is that Josh Duggar, the diddler in question, “made mistakes” when he was but 14-years-old, excusing him as a naive young boy that truly didn’t know better.

His parents say they did nothing wrong, because they got him counseling and brought the matter to the attention of police. That has now been thoroughly debunked with the news that Jim Bob lied to the detective, telling him it only happened once and downplaying the nature and severity of his son’s crimes.

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The notion that the Duggar’s haven’t tried to sweep their shame under has also been debunked; Josh Duggar sued the state of Arkansas for investigating him, assuring he would evade prosecution.

All they have left is this one simple theory that a 14-year-old can’t be held responsible for his curiosity, especially since, to them, time has healed the wounds of his victims.

A new fact, one that has eluded most of the press, tears that theory to pieces and truly exposes Josh Duggar for what he is: A sick and dangerous individual whose “curiosity” came at the expense of a toddler.

That’s right, folks. To the Christian right, a teenager fondling a girl who is no more than five-years-old isn’t sick, it isn’t a crime; it’s just a mistake that has been forgiven by God.

The shocking revelation, exposed by Addicting Info, can be explained by a single line in an article pertaining to an Arkansas judge having the police record of the incident destroyed last week:

A Washington County Juvenile Court judge ordered the report destroyed on Thursday, saying one of the victims is still a minor and that the child’s identity might be revealed. The Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette obtained the report before it was ordered destroyed.

The maximum age the victim they’re talking about could be to be considered a “minor” is 17. Duggar, who is now 27, admits to the abuse happening when he was 14. That means that 13 years ago, when all this happened, that 17-year-old could have been no older than four-going-on-five.

In no universe does a 14-year-old boy think it’s OK to molest a toddler. That person is not wired properly. For Duggar to be defended in any way by ANYONE is an affront to Christianity. Simply getting older and considering yourself morally superior because your family is famous for nothing doesn’t explain away molesting a toddler.

A toddler. Let that sink in. If TLC doesn’t end their relationship with anything Duggar related they’re just as guilty of a cover-up as the Christian zealots who refuse to allow any form of judgement to be passed for these heinous crimes.

What’s more disturbing is that Duggar is currently raising a little girl who qualifies as a toddler. Studies indicate that people who molest children have an incredibly high rate of repeat offenses. Considering Duggar has already molested four of his own sisters, with at least one being five or younger, the chances that he will do it again, or has done it again, are at 20 percent and rising with his age.

Somebody needs to intervene on behalf of that little girl.

Image: Duggar Family Blog

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