What Beyonce Did For The City Of Houston Will Make You Adore Her Even More


Beyonce Knowles had her halftime performance thrust into controversy when a bunch of whiny racists decided her performance was too black for their liking. Apparently, wearing berets and making a fist means you’re as guilty of some crime as the all-white jury that convicted William Bell said he was. You don’t need evidence or anything concrete, you just need good old-fashioned hate.

Luckily for Beyonce, she possesses this thing called class. Not only is she not concerned with what idiots thought of her performance, she’s already gone back to doing amazing things with her life. While Rudy Giuliani vilified her on Fox news and every conservative pundit on the planet threw sticks and stones at her, Beyonce was secretly funneling millions of dollars into an apartment complex in Houston to house 43 people who would otherwise be homeless.

The project started in the wake of Hurricane Katrina when people from all over the Gulf Coast were relocated to areas across the country, one of which was Houston. The complex continues to this day, at a cost of $7 million to Beyonce, providing meals, job training, HIV/AIDS screenings and case management services.

Beyonce is on the ground with people who are actually making a difference in Houston. According to the Huffington Post:

Houston has seen significant progress in its fight against homelessness. A 2014 Houston Homeless Count showed that on a given night about 5,351 people in the city were living without stable shelter — a 37 percent drop from 2011. In June, the Coalition for the Homeless in Houston announced that the city has housed 1,510 chronically homeless individuals since January 2012 as part of a national campaign to combat homelessness from coast-to-coast.

‘Houston is leading the charge to end chronic homelessness,’ Marilyn Brown, President & CEO of the Coalition, said in a press release. ‘Our success as part of the 100,000 Homes Campaign proves that permanent housing coupled with support services works.'”

Haters will hate, which is sad because love and acceptance are so much more rewarding.

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