‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli’s Twitter Account Was Just Hacked And It Is Hysterical! (TWEETS)

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli’s story just goes from sad to worse. After becoming the world’s most punchable face, Shkreli’s own greed and poor judgement caught up with him, landing him in jail for securities fraud relating to his mismanaged and now defunct hedge fund.

Shkreli resigned from the company America loves to hate, Turing Pharmaceuticals, a waste of oxygen and complete failure. Well, not a complete and TOTAL failure. To be a total failure, he would have to have set the password on his Twitter account to “Daraprim” or something equally stupid and obvious, losing the one thing that probably still makes him feel like a man: belittling people on social media.

Sorry, bro, but not tonight. Tonight you’ve been turned over to the internet trolls of justice. Instead of reading the drivel you love to post, we get to read someone taking your one joy from you. The mischievous person behind taking Shkreli’s account wasted no time making the place more attractive:

shkreli tweets1


Poor Marty. Nothing to do but sit and Tweet to the 11 people who don’t think he’s a total scumbag and now he can’t even do that. You can visit Shkreli and have some fun at his expense HERE.

Featured image via Twitter


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