The 5 States You Should Avoid Like The Plague If You Are Not A White, American Male

Before I married my husband, I never really gave where I lived much thought. I mean, I’m from New York, live in Florida, and I have been treated the same way in both regions. Why? Because I am a white American. When I say white, I mean really white. I have fair skin, freckles, blue eyes, and don’t look any kind of ethnic. I glow-in-the-dark and with my whiteness comes the freedom to live wherever I want without much thought. Unfortunately not everyone was born with my privilege, some people, like my husband (an immigrant), give a great deal of thought about where they live.

Not only is my husband an immigrant, but until we finish his immigration paperwork he’s an undocumented immigrant. Undocumented immigrants living in the United States face many hardships, but for him it is worse because he is a brown immigrant. The color of his skin and his status means that his life will be very different depending on which state he lives in.

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For instance, we will never move to Arizona (especially Phoenix) because the lawmakers in that state have made it very clear that they hate brown immigrants. Remember the “Show Me Your Papers” law? They also have the most awful sheriff in the country. However, Arizona is not alone in their hatred, there are other states just as bad as them.

These are the five states undocumented immigrants should avoid like the plague:

  1. Arizona (Number one haters)
  2. Indiana (It’s not only the gays they hate)
  3. Alabama (Does this state do anything right?)
  4. Georgia (Love you only if your skin is the color of their famous peaches)
  5. South Carolina (Georgia and Alabama’s bestie)

If you are an immigrant and you are unfortunate enough to live in one of these states: I’m sorry. You have probably exprienced a white cop asking you if you are a real ‘Murican, because they are permitted by law to ask you to show your papers. You definitely don’t have a driver’s license and probably never will as long as they are bleeding red. Oh and not only do they bar immigrants from receiving in-state tuition for college, but they are suing President Obama over his immigration actions.

These five states are also anti-woman, anti-gay, and hate African Americans. They are the states Republican Jesus™ will save first because they bleed hate.

So, unless you are a white American male, it’s best to just stay as far away as humanly possible. For you, there is nothing but misery to be found in those places.

**Author’s note: The first time I shared this article a lot of readers asked,”what about Texas and Florida?” While the politicians in those states are vile, right-wing douchebags, with some anti-immigrant laws they do not have all of the laws I mentioned like the states on this list. 

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