Loretta Lynch Says They Are Going After Criminals Selling Guns Illegally, Tea Party A$$holes Rush To Admit Crimes (IMAGES)

After President Obama issued executive orders to make our country safer, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that they would not be worthless paper. Her office will be seeking out those that “fail to register” as “being in the business of selling guns” yet actually are. In other words, she announced that they will seek out criminals. Of course, the Tea Party got ahold of this and predictably many so-called “patriots” are rushing to admit that they are, in fact, the criminals that we are looking for.

On the TeaParty.Org website, I must apologize in advance for the spelling, grammar and weird code-talk that happens there, they are literally unable to stop admitting that they are the ones we need to police. As we already know that mass shootings are most likely to be perpetrated by angry white men, but of course, these terroristic supporters of the far Right-wing fascist group won’t admit that.

Screen shot from TeaParty.org

Screen captures from TeaParty.org

Screen capture from teaparty.org.

As usual, the article blew the statements made by Lynch out of proportion. Outraging the scared-of-their-shadows ammosexuals, while provoking them to see “gun confiscation crew” out to take their damn guns. There was nothing said about TAKING GUNS, but they missed that part.

tea 3

The gun nuts are only mad because they would never break the law right? I mean, these “law abiding citizens” would n\ever ignore our laws, would they?

tea 5 tea 9 tea 10 tea 15 tea 16

Well, that was pretty clear. Not only are they already NOT following the laws that are in place, but have no intention to allow our country to be a safer place. The funniest part, they know that it is criminal not to register guns, but find themselves to be “law abiding.” At least it has nothing to do with Racism, right?

tea 7 tea 8 tea 13

So, death threats, racism, sedition and plain old criminal activity,  it is just another day in the hatriot camp. Blaming the brown people for what they proudly claim as their own crimes, while holding their chins up high (because they need to, or they would drown in all the bullsh*t they spew).

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, altered.

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