Billionaire’s ‘Hamilton’ Temper Tantrum Is Everything We Hate About The 1%

There’s a fundamental concept that Republicans can’t seem to grasp: Liberals don’t hate the rich because they’re rich. We hate them because they think their money entitles them to be treated like royalty. In a country founded on the idea that everyone is equal, this offends the average American on an almost genetic level.

Case in point: Billionaire and regular guest on Shark Tank Chris Sacca showed up to see the super popular play Hamilton and found out his tickets were counterfeit. Now, if he’d started jumping up and down and cursing at StubHub, the site that screwed him, hey, we’ve all been there. But being an allegedly rich entitled prick, Sacca took it out on the theater employees:

“Do you know who I am?” Sacca thundered repeatedly, according to an eyewitness, a Broadway theater worker who requested anonymity.

“He was getting really angry at the ticket scanner,” the tipster said, and speaking in “a really condescending way. “He said he was a ‘shark’ on ‘Shark Tank’ and warned it wouldn’t be good if they couldn’t get in.”

Assuming it happened, that just reeks of entitlement and pettiness. “I’m rich and I get what I want….or else.” I imagine that part of what really pissed him off is that the staff had no idea who he was. If he’d been a more famous rich guy, the theater manager might have accommodated him. Then again, if the manager was like most Americans, he wouldn’t have given a crap about Sacca’s money anyway. While the current right wing mythos is that the rich are “special,” most people aren’t all that impressed by wealth when it comes to everyday interactions like, say, getting a seat at a play.

Sacca reportedly left after 20 minutes and saw a different show and then wrote the story off as an exaggeration:

The sad part about this he said/she said bit is that even if Sacca is telling the truth, the fact that it’s so easy to believe says a lot about how the 1% acts in this country. The upper class of the United States used to act in a way that was at least somewhat aware of the debt they owed to society. Noblesse Oblige was the idea that the privileged had an obligation to share their good fortune. Now, the disdain and contempt the 1% shows towards the rest of the planet tells a very different story.

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